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521 wiring harness, complete $75

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Figured I put the pics up now. Thought it might have been sold so I held off. I don't remember for sure what year of rig this came out of. Looking at the pics, it appears to have the side marker light wiring...so '70+. It is the complete harness, front to rear, including the dash harness. I'm not positive on the dome light, but that's a single wire from the driver's side of the dash harness. I'm sure the connector is there to plug in your wire.


It comes with all the relays and the fuse box you see attacked in the pic. I pulled it out of the box, took pics, put it back in. There only appears to be a couple of splices. I'd say it's about 95% stock. You'd still want to clean contacts and check continuity before installing it.


I can send full size pics if you send me an email address.


I will ship this for $15 within the states.



















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