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Wow thanks for thinking of me lou

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Wow I was in the back of the house and didn't hear the door. The dogs did but I thought it was my wife... :D:o. By the time I checked there was a car leaving??? I went out an there was a package and a note from lou. I ran out on the road and waved but,... Here's what he left for me. Thanks again lou. Like Ricky says, " what goes around, goes around". :D Owe you big.




Says for ages 10 and up.... right?

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

No problem Mike ,

I knew you would like it,

Yeh that was a car (blue newer olds)

I had to try to go for a bit of a longer road trip(test the back:eek:)

And had this was going to mail it but hey ,;)

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Had 2 of the older version of this kit, still have1 truck, both trailers, and bits and pieces of bikes and such. It was originally a yellow kit with different logo.

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As a kid, I remember seeing that kit on the shelf at the local hobby shop back in the 70s? I was tempted many times to ask Mom to buy it but never did. How cool! Brings back memories.

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