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Miracle at Silverdale

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Guest Rick-rat

Last night while I was eating dinner I managed to cut my lower gum with a piece of bone or something, that bite tasted a little funny so I went ito bathroom rinsed out my mouth and had some blood in my mouth, then it really started coming out and did not want to stop bleeding. I am using blood thinners since my stroke and bleed alot from any wounds now.

Called the nurse and she said to come in to the emergency clinic, so wife drove me there after I sat at home for 1 hour bleeding until she returned from an errand she had to run, got to clinic, checked in and waiting to doctor in exam room, 2 hours bleeding now, Doctor walked in touched my shoulder and asked how I was doing, gave me a glass of water to rinse out my mouth and when I spit it out, no blood, seems to have quit bleeding as soon as she touched me. Today it is completely healed and can't even see the cut in my gum. I sure can't explain how that happened.

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