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my new 1972 521 project


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donor truck has front end damage, dont know yet how the engine is but the trans a 5 speed. the whole interior was redone and the bed is in great shape. so for the money it was worth swapping what i can from the yellow to the green truck. seat is totally shot. i will be posting new photos shortly of some progress. thanks

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Today myself & robert [dat521kid] went up to help Chris & Christine work on her 521. The goal today was to drop the tranny's in both trucks, swap the pressure plate, clutch disc & tranny from the yellow truck into the green truck. We got the tranny bout 90% in & then it got dark. The way we got it out was to drop the PS torsion bar which allows the trans to slide down & over for easier removal. Chris even made a Ratsun style clutch allignment tool from a broomstick!! All in all it was good to help such great friends & get our hands greasy. Oh & it was only 98" degrees today...;)

chris w/ new trans...


robert doing...i dunno:D


new carpet & painted dash...


donor truck...


factory A/C...


Ill let Christine fill you all in on her plans for the truck...:cool: Robert..post your pix soon.


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sun visors!!!!!!!!! i just listed them on ebay a day or so ago. just punch in in the search datsun 521 sun visors. starting them at $19.99. in good shape for the age.

my ebay store is called rincons online treasures.

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