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Charge light on at idle


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My charge light is on when at idle, but as soon as I rev it goes out.


is there something I could have knocked loose while replacing the Master cylinder?


I never noticed it before. I'm sure it just started.

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its usaully the brushes in the alternator

but you could put a volt meter on the battery while its running to tell us what you read. If reads above 15volts I say the volt reg. But I go with my first post of the Alternator bad. One of my brushes was worn out(short and when you really rev the car assume the slip ring had enough outward movement to tought the brush. Then the light went OUT


Also try cleaning the battery post and maybe moving or cleaning the fuse ends at the fuse box not hat would fix it.


By the time a charge lite comes on something is really BAD

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I just took it to the car wash to clean the engine compartment. About a 5 mile trip each way. Still runs like crap! But the light went off and is now staying off. Maybe just dirty or stuck brushes.


Local battery shop quoted me a new one for $80 installed if I need it.


I gotta figure out that carb!

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