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'74 Carb rebuild?


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Well, now that the brakes are working and I can make it stop, I need to make it go.


She starts and idles fine. When I go to accelerate, she spits and sputters. and eventually smooths out at high RPM. But acceleration sucks!


Anyone know someone in Northern VA that can rebuild this sucker? I really don't want to do a Webber.


I shot almost a whole can of carb/choke cleaner in it the other day, and she looks nice and shiny down inside.

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Would it do me any good to just take the carb apart and clean the jets? If I can get this thing running good enough, I won't have to trailer it to the place for the floor board welding.

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hey i have the same problem i just havent got around to fixing it yet, i bought a set 44mm mikunis so ill prolly just use them later on down the road, yeah you could take it apart and clean it up and that would help, a rebuild kit for the stock hitachi is like 12 bucks so you would be better off by doing that, good luck

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You can clean the main jets without disassembling the whole carb- the 2 hex "plugs" under the float chamber are the covers for the mains. Same goes for the acceleration pump, which is on top and fairly obvious.


That doesn't get to the passages (though blowing carb cleaner through the jets and acc pump passages can't hurt), nor the idle jets. That takes a full teardown, which can go very wrong when you drop parts in the carpet...

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Is there a "How To" for a rebuild on one of these? The service manual is not too clear.


Advance Auto has the rebuild kit for $22, labeled "Hitachi 2 Type DCH 340"


They can also get a complete rebuilt carbt from Manufacturer $260 if all else fails!

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For that 'spit and sputter', you probably just need to replace the accelerator pump from the kit. You can test it: turn engine off, shine flashlight down car and move throttle slowly by hand. If you don't see an steady constant stream of gas spray out that is the problem.


Just unscrew the top cover screws, and disconnect just enough linkage to get the top off. Drop the new pump in and your as good as new. Don't take the carb off the engine.


Rebuilding a carb is risky unless you are very particular to instructions, very patient and detail-oriented. It's oh-so-easy to make a carburetor worse.

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i just rebuilt the hitachi on my 76,

the walker kit i paid 19 bucks for at orielly, had a very detailed exploded diagram and some good instructions, almost every internal part only fits in its correct spot.


the main thing to rebuilding a carb is the cleaning and really taking your time.


a digital camera is also a good tool to use to take pictures of how parts were installed and where parts go.


i would be very gentle with the float and then it will go in just like it was and shouldnt need adjusted after.


it may seem intimidateing, but if you take your time and are real carefull it is a real simple job.

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Would it be possible to get a scan of the "Walker" instructions? I ordered a kit, but it's a GP Sorensen kit.


I'll scan mine when I get it. Nice to compare.

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