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Sr20det motor mount ???


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I'm have'n fun trying to get my sr to mount up in my dime.

I've got the sr mounts on the block and factory 510 on the crossmember,but

it dose not seem to sit right on them when i set it down, It sits kinda to one side or the other pending on which one I hook up first and is a bitch to bolt up the other side. :confused: Any suggestions PLease?

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If it is like a ka, you gotta move the stock 510 rubber mounts to the bottom holes. once you do this barely thread them in. You have to massage the motor down in, ive found that if you get one side in and put the nut on, then use a 2x4 or something to manuver the other side you can get it in.


It is a pain and isnt as easy as you would like it to be sometimes.

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so that guy that spent all that money on the "datsport" sr20 motor mount stuff wasted his moneys? :lol::lol::lol:


Well kinda, the Datsport kit decreases bump steer by something like 20% from what they claim. Which bump steer is designed in from the factory. Lowering a car makes it do bad things in a bump, because the factory designed the suspension at a completely different ride hight. So the Datsport kit IMO can be useful but I personally would go a different route. Out of all the fitting kits I like it the best. All the others are stupid :D I'm waiting for Datsport to come out with a fitting kit that uses some sort of rack and pinion.

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haha nice, when will your turbo car goin again?


I'm not sure. I want to do a lot of "surgery" on her. I gotta purchase the suspension and then start cutting :D

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Thanks for the in put and pick, I'll give it a try:)


I've done it 3 times with SR's now, each one with a slightly different outcome. THere are 2 different steering links for the steering box. The one for the column shift kinda fucks it all up.... Cross your fingers :D

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