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74 620 rebuild


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well i have been working on my truck for about a week now so i just wanted to show all of you what i have been doing to it




broken hood hinge. it looks like its been broke for quite a while now, i plan on just weelding it back on and loosening the bolt on the hinge so i can free it up


i sanded my mirrors down and re painted them, the look like new im realy happy on how they turnede out


i allso repainted my wiper rods, i did red because thats the color im going to paint the truck, i am allso realy happy about how these turnded out too. i think there going to look realy good.


this is where i set my carb when its cold,


i took the bench out today and got it ready to hack away on my rusted floors so i can weld in new floor bords


this is after i did some more cleaning, after i get the new floor bords in im going to put the spray on bed liner in the cab


this was like 3 days ago before i started hacking away on my project, i got the canope for free from my friend



after i get all this done im going to start painting it. i will put more pics up as i get going more

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well i went back to work today. i got a lil bit more done, lol but my arms are dead from useing that gaint wire wheel i mean god that thing has some power. it grabded on the the seat belt and rapded it up and tore all over the place. here is a pic of the gaint wire wheel




i got the driversside pretty much done. i just have the weld in the new floor bords, there were some lil tiny rust spots but i cleanded them up and put bondo over them, i think it should do the trick but idk




here is the spot i cut out



passenger side



idk what im going to do here. i might cut it out and weld in a new plate, or clean it up and put bondo over it, what do u think :confused:


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its been a while since i have been doing anything to the dot rod because i have been helping my friends put a v8 in his scout but any way here you go,

i got the floorbord welded in, im pretty happy with what i was useing, i was useing a harber freight 100 dollar welder and it wouldent feed me the wire cuz i kept sliping but its in and its realy sturdy



did a little bit of sanding and painting, this is what keeps m going because it looks pretty good :rolleyes:


this is the hood hinge that was broke, welded it back on and lubded it up and it works like new


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gr, instead of just bondo in some of those spots that have some small, In the past I've used some stuff called bondo glass. It has small strands of fiberglass in it. If you have a bigger hole you could use a small sheet of fiberglass with the fiberglass bondo over it. Alot stronger. Then use reg. bondo to smooth stuff out.

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