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DOHC KA24 in a 78KC?


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ok so here is the deal..... i read the write-ups and confused myself, i think i might have made a mistake will some one help me.

i bought a DOHC KA24de out of a 93 240sx i got everything with it engine, trans, mounts, wiring harness, ECU, exahust, radatior fans, driveshaft.


Did i just bu all this stuff for no reason? from what im reading only the wiring

harness will fit.


If i didnt make a big mistake can someone tell me what i can do o redirect me somewere:confused::confused::confused::confused:

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Guest DatsuNoob

The only main issue I see is the steering link (bar that connects pitman and idler arm) may have clearance issues with the oil pan. People say to get the Frontier version since it features a rear sump pan and is supposed to clear just fine, but anything is possible with a little patience, a tape measure, and a welder. You'll have to cut the stock link and add some new material to create a kind of "C-shaped" offset that will get around that pan when you turn the steering wheel. I've seen SR swaps into 620's before (front sump), so it's certainly do-able. You may want to consider an Lseries compatible transmission with a Z-24 bell swap to use the stock driveline and speedometer cable input. Good luck dude

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The '93 240sx with KA24DE had a front sump oil pan and an internal oil pump inside the timing cover.


The Hardbody KA24E AND later KA24DE truck motors both had a rear sump with an external oil pump just like the L series. The 240sx DE engine with internal pump has a different shaped oil pan at the front right side. This means that the 240sx motor will not accept a E or DE oil pan from a Hardbody or Frontier.


I would get a HB or Frontier oil pan AND the oil pick up tube and modify the front to fit the 240sx timing cover. The 240sx is just like the L series and straight across the front. The HB/Frontier has the right side front corner missing like it was trimmed off. Perhaps a flat plate could be added to the HB/Frontier rear sump pan to extend to the 240sx's corner to seal it up. Might be easier than you think. Don't forget the rear sump pick up tube.

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I flipped the center link on my ka24de 620. Im not on the road yet, still plumbing the fuel lines so I haven't tested the center link yet. I found that some VW drivers and offroaders have flipped their center links with great results. I purchased a tapered reamer from XKUT. http://www.xkut-reamers.com/servlet/StoreFront After flipping it the front sump cleared.

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