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I just want to praise all contributors about this site. I'm still blown away by the locations of most of the contributors and the tec information that comes back when a quest gets posted. I would never of believed the amout of dato enthusiests (or to lay people freaks) in the states. I just had vision's of you guys being big car people and not being too fond of the humble rice burner of yore. anyhow keep up the good work.

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Ratsun is chalk full of win my friend :D


but youl find no "rice burners" here; those belong to all the 17yr old kids who saw fast and the furious and became convinced there moms Civic is a race car.

Weve just got some good ol Japanses old school cool :cool: my 40yr old datto can run with a muscle car anyday and leaves my brothers V8 Nova in the dust :fu:

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Some fall into the culture of the vehicle, some fall into the chrome isle at their local auto parts store.


The "big cars" that you call out are usually reserved for the mindless general public of the united states. Those, "After Iraq, we have all the oil in the world to burn" kind of people. We're not all hicks in this area of the world :fu:

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The "big cars" that you call out
You mean the new Corn Burners?


I drive a rice burner, but it's no 'ricer'. Just pure Datsun. But I like big cars too, had a mid-size '85 baby LTD and is the car I miss the most. It was a 4-dr mustang (same suspension, same engine, but 4 doors). Big cars I'm had: Chevy Caprice, Lincoln Continental, Ford F-150... just way too big for me even though they are best bargains you can find here.

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