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1972 Datsun 240Z For Sale

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1972 Datsun 240Z for sale.


It has been sitting since about 1993 when it was wrecked. It has been hit in the side on the passenger side pretty hard. It will roll, but it tweaked the rear suspension.


It has not been touched as far as removing parts that I can tell etc. other than the radiator. Someone removed the rotor on the drivers side. I put it back on.


The engine turns over by hand, there is a key in the ignition and both battery cables are present. The carbs are the better ones and I have the complete air cleaner etc.


Drivers quality drivers seat with out major rips, nice steering wheel etc.


There is some paperwork, and the car has not been molested other than the wreck.


Parts car for sure due to some rust and the wreck.


You will need to bring your own roller tires. I took some off of my other car, and now they need to go back. There is one that can stay with the car.


Possible trades for nice 510 2-door stuff like doors, hoods, decklids. Etc.


I would like to keep the car together until the weekend is over and then I will probably start parting out.


Price: $300 firm for the whole car.

Location: 1.5 hours south of Bend, 4.5 hours southeast of Portland.

Delivery: I am willing to deliver to the Bend, Eugene, Medford area for expenses if I have time.













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I threw a battery in it. It turns over fine, headlights work and the heater etc.


Not going to run with that shellac for gas in there though.


Waiting to hear back from some craigslist folks who "want it".


However, we all know how that goes.



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We know how that goes with craigslist.>>>>it didn't.


I think that I am going to part it out now.


Pretty much anything that I can't use on my future 510 is up for grabs.


Reasonable pricing and able to deliver on some stuff. I do go to Portland occasionally, as well as to Eugene, Medford and Bend with greater regularity.


Ask away. Trades considered for 510 2-door parts such as nice doors, deck lid, fenders etc. Whatever it takes to build up my stash.


I can do pics, I will have to fix the Photobucket issues. PM me your email and ask for pics and I can get them out.


Thanks, ROB

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I will take $100 in cash for the remains.


There are no carbs now, and some of the column stuff is gone etc.


But The rest is largely as it was.


I am happy to send pics etc. I am motivated to sell it and move on with my life.


The complete suspension etc. is still under it.


$100 is firm.


I will still sell parts individually if I have to, but cash and a car trailer are hard to ignore.


PM me if you want pics.



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