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Skib got accepted...

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Good job!! Stick with it. I did 2 years toward BS in ME, and ended up getting sidetracked by stuff that seemed more important at the time, but now seem insignificant. I like what I do now, but regret not finishing.


Also, enjoy it. I know it sounds weird, but you'll understand later, and just remember that everyone else is just as confused as you are:D Good luck, engineering rocks!

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Yeah, it's going to be fun Skib!! You'll meet all sorts of people from all different countries.


There was a prof at PCC for named Eng. My friends in EE said they were floored when the first heard him speak. He sounded just like Elmer Fudd! :lol:


The first words out of his mouth are "This is Boolean Logic" but it sounded like "Dis is Boowean Wogic" :blink:

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