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Tomorrow Begins operation PAINT!


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Well its not going to be super intense or anything. But the current color of my 510 is not doing its job. Im going down tomorrow to pick up a hefty amount of satin black paint. Starting early plan on getting a good sand down on the areas that need it.


I have a CF hood that I generally have on, but when I go do canyon runs I swap out to the backup stock hood. Im thinking about getting my rising sun on... just trying to find a nice design for it. any how, Ill post a bunch of pictures tomorrow of the new paint and wherever I end up.


Rising Sun option,






basically debating between centered, rising from the hood, rising from the windshield, offset left/right.


Ill figure it out by tomorrow. Or just paint the hood black.


the Sun, and possible stripe will be glossy black on satin black.


cya tomorrow.


heres a before shots taken.



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the CF hood is unpainted CF. Just looks glossy black. I picked up a gallon of flat black paint and Im looking for a good spray gun + compressor. Im not going to get started painting till most likely this weekend or next.


The paint on the car now looks great from 10-15ft away, in pictures, and while getting driven past. But when you actually take a gander at it and see how many layers of nasty one day pain are on this car, its pretty clear its time to shave her.


The CF hood will eventually be pained the same color as the car, when she gets her full super shine paint job in ~9-10 months. But the rust issues that are living on the windshield, door jams, engine bay, rain gutters, and other spots need to be sanded and treated. Rather than drive the car around with big dots of primer, I've decided to try my hand at the spray gun. And then even possibly paint her with proper paint when I get the garage. But I found a great shop that does amazing work, tear my car down to nothing and put it back together cleaned and painted.


we'll see. satin black it is for now. And at least not rattle canned.

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Ok after much delay, Saturday begins operation paint. We have her ready to start sanding and replacing the seals. I purchased some pretty decent paint guns. We have a nice compressor. Random orbital sanders and we're off. Ill post some pics as we start. I think I MAY actually start a build thread on sunday.



Here is a question. We are painting it with a Flat/Satin black its a 2 stage paint. Do you think its worth the effort to sand the entire car down to bare metal? or should we just sand down the rust spots to bare metal and then once/twice over the car with 2 weights of paper to get a good heavy scuff? This will be my first time EVER painting a car. So we are doing it with a paint that will be forgiving. If this goes well and I don't get to many runs. I think we'll be purchasing some super high quality stage 3 paint and clear coat when the engine comes out for the turbo build.


Also, what weights of sandpaper have you guys had good results with. And how many pads do you think we'll need? My dad said, "Buy a hundred, if we dont use em we'll have em left over for next time"


We'll be sanding the inside, outside, everything down to NEAR bare metal if need be. Not in a super rush to finish the prep work. The plus its looking right now is the 2-4 times this car was painted, it was not done well. A high pressure hose knocked some big chunks out.


Any how thanks for all your input guys, hope to see some of you sunday at eagle rock.

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Dude, if the picture of your car at the top is for real, why the heck are you painting it flat black? Looks to be WAAYYY to nice of paint to ruin by going flat black.


Plus, you mention you may do a nice respray in the near future, so it would seem to me that this flat black thing would be a waste of time.


I am STILL in the process of finishing the paint on my car, and I will tell you first hand that paint is not something to be skimped on. The prep work that needs to go into a paint job is not worth doing unless your going to throw quality paint on it. So as such, if you don't want to spray a nice paint on it, don't bother with the prep, and therefore just use spray cans. I'd leave your paint alone until you have the time/money to do it right.

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I have the money to throw at the car if I wanted to, I personally WANT to try and paint it myself. I think flat/satin black cars look great when they are done with actual guns, not rattle cans. the paint on this car is horrible. It looks great through a 14 mega pixel camera at night, post wash, with a long exposure and tripod. The main reason, there is a lot of rust, and a lot of it needs some serious love. The windshield seal is cut in 2 places to make it fit so it takes in water like a boat on the bottom of the sea.


Im going to ride the black for a while. Im not in a rush at all, thanks for the concern though. I have cars to drive while its down. I plan on it being ready by JCCS though.



If I decide to paint it again after this (myself) it will be after I get the doors and rear end modified to accept flares. And then I may just leave the car at the shop to have paint done after that. that probably wont happen till next year though.


Its just something I want to try, and I feel Ill be able to make it look good.


this gentleman sprayed his truck with the same style paint Ill be using. Also a "non professional" hobbyist who wanted to give it a whirl.




I think it looks amazing.

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I had nothing against you doing it yourself, I did mine myself. It's just a crap-ton of work doing the prep for a decent looking paint job. I spent MONTHS getting mine ready, working on the weekends. So if your going to do black, even if it's satin, you really need to spend the time blocking the car to make sure everything is straight. Just saying, if your gonna actually spray it, make sure you take the time to do everything right. Painting a car easily snowballs into a lot of money, even when doing it yourself. Before you spray the topcoat make sure you cover the car in a primer/sealer, or you run the risk of having serious issues between the old/new paints.


I don't like flat black on cars, looks cheap....Satin is really nice, but I think it has to be the right vehicle, and everything else has to be done on the car so that the whole thing works together. IE: trim, wheels, interior, pinstriping, etc. Otherwise the satin can also look cheap.

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Cool. If you have any questions definitely send me a PM. Like i said I *JUST* got done painting my 510. So I just finished all the crap your going to start. There's lots of little tips and tricks to make things go better/easier on yourself.


At first I thought you were just going to take a weekend and sand/paint the car, which is where my concern came in.

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I like dimes that are gray.......maybe a change into a darker gray? graphite gray? I think gray on 510's is a color that shows respect, if you know what i mean.


BTW, never leave the keys hanging on the door lock..XD

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At minimum, I would scuff the old paint up with 320 grit on a da sander. Put a GOOD coat of primer (I would recommend a high build primer/surfacer) and BLOCK sand that with 120 / 160-ish grit. Check with your paint supplier and make sure the primer is compatible with the paint you want to use. I would normally recommend an epoxy sealer coat next, clean your gun, then paint the car when the sealer is tacky. Orange and LA Counties have recently gone to waterbase only paint in a 2-stage, so the sealer may not be necessary. Again, check with the paint supplier.


I have not shot any of the new paint yet, but I have a new GM car that is black and is done with waterbase that looks amazingly good for a US factory paint job.


I recently painted the hood on my Sunny with a one-step PPG paint and PPG surfacer. The sealer I generally use is non-compliant with the new law, so I went right with paint over the primer with (fortunately) great results. I would have used sealer, but I am out of it and didn't want to call around San Diego County to see if it's available there :mad:


I can probably give you some pointers if you want to look me up Sunday. I'm in the Sunny 1200 sedan that's RHD, so I shouldn't be too hard to find...

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I will for sure be picking your brain sunday. Im gonna come as early as I can but probably wont make it till 11-12. I have to make sure the dogs dont go ape shit while Im gone. Its just too hot to leave a husky unattended for to long.


I hear ya. I have an English Bulldog and they are NOT good in hot weather. I should be there by 9:30-ish and stay until 12:00-1:00pm. Maybe later depending on what's going on, and the weather!


I *may* go buy an easy up tomorrow afternoon!

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I went to Eagle Rock today. but it was SO friggin' hot and smokey from the fires, I was outta there by 10:30 or so.


After re-reading your info again, I missed that you're using a 2-stage paint. (I assume the clear coat is satin?)


I would recommend you sand it to a finer grit with 2 step paint. After primer and sanding with 120-160 or so, I would wet sand it with 500-600 grit or so. The reason is the basecoat only gets 1-2 coats and if it doesn't fill in the scratches, they might show through the clear.


You could apply sealer prior to the basecoat and that would help, but it's hard to guess someone else's work. Again, I would talk with the paint store. Those guys work with body shops and painters and have a very good idea how to apply the various products they sell..


Good luck on your project!

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thats what we got done saturday. She is gonna get a lot worse before she gets better. Poor girl has like 4 layers of paint and 2 layers of primer. Going to bare metal is seeming like a horribly daunting task at this point. Oh well JCCS or bust.


we started out with a layer of aircraft paint remover, scraped, sanded. Next thing we are going to do is just sand down as much as we can without the aircraft remover. That stuff is super super nasty, smelly, and damn near the worst thing I have ever had the pleasure of accidentally touching. My dad leaned right into a gob of it on the ground. We kept a soaking wet towel right next to us just in case. We also wore gloves and goggles the entire time.

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