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SUPPER RARE!!! 16 inch 3pc simmons mesh datsun fitment

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SUPPER RARE!!! 16 inch 3pc simmons mesh datsun fitment bad ass rims


these where just redone not to long ago, I DID NOT PAINT THEM YELLOW, however they are fairly easy to take apart being 3pc and have them re powder coated a diff color if you prefer, the lips have just been redone and are in near perfect shape


i believe they are 16x7 un known offset they clear perfect in the back with a 205 40 16


and perect in the front with zx struts and a 8mm spacer and same tire



750 with tires firm!!!! picked up in san diego

will not separate even if i do to ship, the price is still 750 + shipping and pay pal fees

i have seen these go for 1200+


only pics i have right now will get more if i find any interest






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yeah i just traded them for some work since the guys starting to run low on funds


i would rather have the cash for the work cuz i have bills



BUUUUT if i don't get what i think their worth I WILL DEFINTLY KEEP THEM CUZ THEY ARE BAD ASS!!!!!!!


i took them apart and re polished the lips and put them back together they look HOT


new pics up soon

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