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Driver door for wagon

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I'm looking for a decent driver's door for a wagon. I learned this weekend...from Clayton's friend that drove the olive drab wgn(sorry...don't remember name) that there is a difference in the window channel height and the molding. I noticed probs with both on my wgn, but thought it was a year difference. I have the pass side already and yep....they measure out differently!


I'd like to find it fairly local to Portland. PM me if you've got one :)


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wanna trade for a used hatch? LOL


whats the difference? (have not changed a door to know)

arent the 4 door F the same as a goon? the R are not compatible.




gensaiken??? may still be parting out a wagon.


otherwise there are some in nor cal...

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At the back, top of the window channel, the wgn door is taller by about 1/4". So if you put a 4dr door on, it will give a big gap at the top. The moulding is talker on the wgn door too.


Nor Cal is way too far! :)


I'll pm Gen and check...Thanks!

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