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510 help

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i have a friend who has a 510 and he doesnt have computer access so he asked me to to post, he says his car shakes when he is in low gears and when shifting gears, says its calmest when in 5th gear and he also wants to know how many quartz of gear oil a 5 speed tranny from a 240z is suppose to have?


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Kind of hard to diagnose things from a distance through a third party, but I'd check some of the easy stuff first. Possibly it is either the transmission or differential causing vibrations. Might start by checking the trans and diff mounts to be sure they are intact. It could be something simple like that, or more complicated like clutch/throwout bearing, internal transmission, ring and pinion, bent driveshaft, dry u-joints, etc...


More info might help track it down, or take it to a shop that knows what they're doing.

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Yes it can. My recent bad vibration was my muffler was rubbing the drive shaft. It shook the shit out of my car.


As for the tranny level, the fill plug on the side (not bottom) is also the check plug. Put a small alan wrench in the hole and if it get gear oil on it, it's good. If oil runs out when you pull the plug let it come out, it is over filled.

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