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Greetings from New England

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We're staying in Southern Vermont (Brattleboro),

& heading to New York state tomorrow.

I haven't seen hardly any Datsuns - the salt

that they use on the roads does really nasty stuff to

cars.I did see a 280ZX for sale at a car lot just South

of Keene,NH.Seemed to be in decent shape.

Went by the Hemmings offices in Bennington,VT.

Free car museum.Cruise night this coming Thursday.

Also,check out the new issue of Grassroots Motorsports -

-510s featured.I think I'll buy it for the plane ride home.


- Doug

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We have a fair share of datsuns they are just all z's and roadsters lol. Idk the sales data says east coast got about half sold, it's the rust belt so we lost a lot of them but that still leaves a bunch. Trying to find a pre 720 or any car other then a 810/maxima, z, srl311 though is really hard.


You stopping in nyc?

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There are Subarus EVERYWHERE around Here!

It's the "State Car of Vermont".

I did see a couple of ZXs driving down the road.

I'm hoping to go to the cruise night at the Hemmings

office in Bennington,VT,tomorrow night.

We went to Watkins Glen,NY,yesterday.I drove

the old street race course (twice) - what a kick!I can't

imagine racing it in an old British sports car.


- Doug

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