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Good US based chrome shop

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Anyone know a good quality chrome shop they can recommend? The ones in San Diego are all out of business except the ones that send the stuff to Mexico and bring it back. Not the best work IMO. In the 80's I had a local guy that did great work, and straightened and polished SS trim as well.





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It's a long way, but I just had a place in Long Beach do the front and rear bumpers on my sedan. The price was fair, and the work was very good, IMHO.


One of the bumper ends had some problems, and they asked me to bring it right back so they could re-do it. I was impressed by their willingness to make me happy.


Anyway, the place is called Cal Bumper and it is on Anaheim St near the 710.


They had a lot of little parts from West Coast Choppers which is right down the street. Seeing the price of their bikes, I would imagine they are happy with the work, as well...

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I used Vernes Chrome Plating in Gardena. They do show car quality work! We're talking Concours de Elagance and Pebble beach cars here man!


Average bumper is around 250. bucks. Includes repair and straightening. More if you want holes filled. Not cheap, but that's the going rate and you could spend up to 3 times that with some fancy shops on Speed Channel out of state.


Everything is done in house and you can actually see it being stripped and dipped and plated. They have been there forever. Maybe 30 plus years or more! They also straighten and fix stainless and do powdercoating!


Turnaround time is fast! Mostly just a few days and you wind up with better than new Chrome!


Beware of shops that send out parts for repair and swap with other bumpers!

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