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Ran the Z at PIR

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Ran tonight and it was nice a cool and still dry :D


first time out and my best run of the night on the stock 7psi was


R/T - .093

60 - 2.168

1/8 - 9.672

MPH - 73.00

1/4 - 15.023

MPH - 90.90



putting the boost to 9psi will be low 14 at least and 10-12 might get me into the 13's



ULing video...

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lol oooo i shouldnt bee too far behind that 1/4 time an mph.. until u crank the boost tho :( cheater..


what most of u dont know is skib shoots boost between his toes, so no one knows he's hooked.. next thing u know he'll be main lining it..

oh well beats free basing it haha



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lol there are none. with an open diff and street tires its pointless to heat them up lol maybe next time just got show :lol:


Hows the open wheeler holding up?? Is it r180??


My friends FJ20t 510 was running a r180 open wheeler with 180-90rwhp and it went BANG after 2weeks.


I have my r180 locked/welder'd up for easy sideways action:cool:

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good to know id prolly keep up with my z and those numbers. ive never taken it down the track before. but i have raced a slightly higher boosted z and kept up, even tho im n/a. he had work done, intercooler, bigger turbo (hybrid t3/t4)

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how many rpms are you at launch?


what size tires are you running??? I might have a set of slicks you could use:D:lol:


and crank up that boost lol


and get rid of that 180 and run the r200 imo they are tough i have dumped my dime a t 5000 and had no rear diff troubles or tranny iam running a

80 280zx trans and diff in my 510 and love it after grenaded a 160 and a 180 the 200 was the only thing left :lol::lol:

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how many rpms are you at launch?


what size tires are you running??? I might have a set of slicks you could use:D:lol:


launching at 3-3.5k, lol I dont remember the tire size but its a 15x7 rim and Iv got rolled fenders from the last set of tires on there there where huge :lol:



Iv got 2 R200's from turbo ZX's and CV axels I just havent put them in yet



heres a few pics to, a nice sunset over the track :D





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I think those are really good times for 7psi!! You'll be in the 13's this summer for sure. :D


We have the same 60-foot times even though I had a KAAZ LSD and some decent street tires.


Shifting at 5500 RPM instead of 5k might have gotten you into the 14's. ;)


Reuel is so envious of you now Skib. :lol:

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