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any advice!?

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Use what they call a "block". Basically it's a 10 inch or so long flat sanding thing that you attach paper to. Helps flatten everything out. If you have a large compressor, get a pneumatic sanding block. Also, use a self leveling type of skim coat filler, it will allow you to smooth the panels a LOT easier than just using bondo.



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okay thanks!


they were also telling me i can go to deep and miss up???


I guess it depends on exactly what your doing, but i can't see sanding down too much by hand with sandpaper, maybe start to hit bare metal, and in that case just primer it up and you'll be fine, just as long as you dont sand more down in some places than others, you'll have bumpy uneaven bodywork. just be carefull, pay attention and try to make everything nice and even, smooth, and flat.

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