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Rolling Smog Inspection

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I was running some errands this morning here in Long Beach CA going south on Paramount between Artesia and South street, when up ahead I see right lane closed ahead. I get closer and the next sign says survey crew ahead and I can see a highway patrol car with his lights going. What do you know, they have a rolling smog station set up. I'm glad I was in my F150 so the cop waived me through. They had a mid 80's little ford truck up on the rack that they were harassing. On my way back they were directing a early 90's Jaguar over for scrutiny. I'm posting this just to let the locals now that they have arrived and were pretty close to my home. So if you see a sign that reads survey crew ahead do your best to avoid rolling past. I know they have been out in the Inland Empire. None the less where ever they are FUCK them MOTHERFUCKERS.



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I got caught in one of these with my 76 toyota corolla that was set up for auto x, "oh shit" i thought to myself. I had no cat, header, cam, weber and no smog junk at all and 4.56 gears. (dont ask how i smogged this thing).

The fact of the matter is they can street test, but cant force any type of direct inspection on your car without prior DMV notification... its illegal..... simply refuse their offer and say "thank you" and leave... there is nothing they can do.


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OK, if "We" lie to "them" isn't that illegal?


But can they lie by putting up a "survey crew ahead" sign instead if what is really setup? Isn't that false "something or other" and illegal?


How can they get away with this?

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It's an "emissions survey".



The ones that tick me off are the fake work zones, where the "workers" are all out-of uniform cops, with radar guns. Then the uniformed ones in cruisers a half mile up pull you over, you get the normal fine plus the "work zone" fine (double the fine) . They call it an education campaign to get people to pay attention to work zones. I call it entrapment.

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