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how to: make egg in a hole


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someone was laughing at the weird food I make so heres a how to on what I had for breakfast today. egg in a hole :D


youd need:




flat pan



use a cup to cut a hole in your bread and then butter both sides




turn the stove top on nice and hot so the egg starts cooking when it hits, that way it stays in the bread.




flip that shit!




and shazam! egg in a hole :fu:






...and thats breakfast with Skib :D

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isn't that off a movie? i swear..

but ya i'v haddam.


what mixed together breakfast isn't good..

think about it::

waffles, sausage, pancakes, bacon, eggs, maple syrup, ketchup, toast, all good and all good mixed in the same bowl.


and yes i will have my failure pile in a sadness bowl.

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isn't that off a movie? i swear..

but ya i'v haddam.



Yes. You are thinking of V For Vendetta.





Just mix in a little hot sauce and cheese. Then it will be good shit.


I like hot sauce on eggs. Maybe it could be called 'fire-in-the-hole'

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