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light laws

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dose anyone know the law on washingtons laws on marker lights.


im gonna shave off my marker lights on a 72 wagon and i m trying to find out if this will cost me any tickets or is the car old enough whare it dont matter?

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It's not older than a '68, so they CAN write you a ticket. Your car's age requires side lights and reflectors. Will they? Depends. How much ammo you want to give them?


Boy that's a good one. How much ammo:lol:

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I dont live in wa and I never have but your building a custom car and the popo never give me any trouble . And I have built a bunch of customs , and cops generally dont know to much about cars if they dont have spot lights lights on the roof or a separation cage in between the front and the back seats

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federal law requires markers on 68 and up cars, and 72 and up trucks, 68-71 trucks can have reflectors if i remember correctly. Either way i live in cali and have shaved many many markers off of my cars and other peoples cars and never once had been popped.... so i say go for it

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i have shaved all the side markers one all the cars i've built and i do not run a front plate and my cars are usually WAY to loud and i never get pulled over or harassed its all about how you drive, and how you portray yourself.

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