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RUST aaaahhhhhhhhhh


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Replace the fender and valence for sure. Id be on the lookout for a bed too. The rust in the floor boards just needs to be cut out and replaced with a good used part, or fabricate some panels to weld in. Solid weld, never just tack. I see it done so often, just tacked in and seam sealed it just looks so cheesey.

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you could replace the rusted sections of the fender and valance with sections from incomplete or beat up other pieces....the bedfloor will be a lil harder given its right at the bed wall. A good sand blasting should reveal what decent steel you have left and where to start tho.

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well i dont realy see buying a new truck an option but i was thinking about for the floor bord welding sheet metaal on it, for the bed sheet metal on the underside and bondo the top paint it then put a bed liner in it, for the fender sheet metal on the back side bondo then paint?

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