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My friend wreaked her Mazda Speed3

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this lady sure was, she gambled and it was FAIL




Damn, something can be said here about cooper tires, they can put up with some shit :lol:.

My dad got in a wreck earlier this year; a guy in a little saturn rear ended his chevy 2500 at 40 mph and his car got squished under the bed, then bounced off of the tire and landed across the street. The leaf spring broke off of the frame and the rear end cracked, but the tire doesn't have any sign that it was hit.



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she loved it enough to keep the hood ornament :)


Yeah, shit.... I feel bad when shit like that happens. You should of seen my bro when they totaled his 300zx. I felt bad for him, but he shouldn't of lent it out.



A really good body shop will probably buy her and rebuild her to resale her. Seems like it can.

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