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Datsun Pickup, 1966, Alaska

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In 1966 my dad and a friend took a 1960's Datsun pickup with camper, up to Alaska. I found my dad's slides and have scanned a few of them. They are very interesting. Pictures are really good quality, it's just that it is hard to get slides in proper focus when scanning them on a flatbed scanner. Can you believe my dad was only 17 or so when he went up there with his friend? Would you let your kids do that today?









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you said you were from the lower yakima valley right? did it make it back down there? that is where my '64 L320 came from when i bought it. i cant tell from the pics what the license plate reads but i have the original plates to my truck. it even looks like there was holes in the bed to mount a camper to it. ask your dad if there was any distinguishing marks on it

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That's too cool. I did a cross country trip with a couple of buddies in the summer of 1972. We had a blast. Just crusin to nowhere. camped on the side of the road. Smokin weed all day. Boy the good ol days. :D

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Unfortunately I couldn't get the license plate off of any of the scans I have. Next time I go home I will have a slide copier that may do a better job on these pics (it's a device that goes on a digital slr's camera lense). The problem with copying slides on a flatbed is that you can't get them flush on the bed of the scanner. This makes all your scans slightly out of focus.

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Very cool trip to take. My parents took a trip just like that to alaska. They drove a 56 dodge mailtruck. Rack on the top that had four extra "proven" tires for spares. They had an Oregonian mailbox on the side of the dodge until they got to that sign wall place. They put the oregonian mailbox onto that wall.


They made there trip in about 1969 i think. They spent the summer working in a fish cannery, then came home.


They actually saw their old dodge in a nearby town about 20 years after they sold it. But havent seen it since then.


I would like to find one like they drove and go park it in their driveway for them.:lol: Pobably better do that when they are not home though.:D

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