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multiple questions


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newbish questions about a 71 521 L16


1. my dad says he thinks i shoud look into new head bolts. none are broken or stripped. do i need to get new head bolts? can i use these and expect good results? i'm assuming they are original. mainly i just know that some engines use head bolts that stretch when they are originally torqued.


2. i was thinking about getting this little sunpro three gauge set (water temp, volt, oil press). it comes with basic instructions. does anybody have any experience with these gauges? any tips on installation?


i was thinkin i had more questions... but apparently not.


any info is appreciated.

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Be sure they are spotlessly clean and the threaded holes in the block as well. Wipe the threads with an oily rag. Torque them to about 1/3 the final torque using this sequence for the L engine:









Re-torque to about 2/3 of the final torque using the same sequence used above.


Torque to final torque value using the above sequence. For example if you have an L20B tighten to 20 ft lbs, then 40 and finally 60 ft lbs. In sequence. Cylinder head and block must also be spotlessly clean. Use good quality gasket, preferably a Nissan one, with the money you saved by not buying new bolts. Install dry with no coatings or sealer. After engine had been run and cooled down several times, check the torque with engine cold. Check the torque every time you set the valve lash after that.

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didn't sell it... i pop in here every so often to check out everybody's progress... trying to get inspired... i have recently been messing with the ol' 521. getting tired of wanting to drive it and not being able to. the last time i cranked it up and drove it around the yard... didn't think to check out the brakes since it'd been sitting... almost hit a tree. ha


is that a new illustration i see? looks like another 59ish but with a hot rod front end a straight 6? ... where's the link man?


all in all i have finally come up with a plan of attack. mainly i'm gonna quit complainin about things that i should've just ripped out and replaced to begin with. the biggest problem being the wiring. so i'm gonna go with the gm style 12 circuit you can get for around 200 bucks... just gotta save my pennies.


right now it's got the head off it and it's just waiting for me to get back to it. but i'm actually getting decent hours at work so i can't really complain that my project truck isn't seeing much attention.

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