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starter doesnt engage


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hello to all im a fairly new member here i have a 72 510 goon that ive been workin on for some time Has an l20 with a dogleg 5 speed the motor was hooked up to an automatic before i put it in my goon ive tried severeal different starters and 2 different flywheels i noticed that i have a spacer in between my crank and flywheel should i have removed it when i changed it over to stick or are there diffrent thickness spacers no mater what ive tried the starter just doesnt engage

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That spacer is only used with automatics. If left on the crank the flywheel will be spaced back too far and the starter will not engage properly. You will have to pull the engine or the tranny, or both, whichever is easiest and remove the flywheel and take the spacer off. Sorry, there's no other way really.


Now that the cause of your problem is found, you can finish filling out your profile. Add your general location and a picture of your goon. Don't be shy about your Datsun, we all have one and showed ours. :D



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