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The secret life of a fisch!

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I got into magic right after beta came out lol, so long ago. When it got all crazy with foil cards and $4+ packs I kind of phased myself out. There is also no where left in the city that will have like normal calm common drafts, it's all about crazy decks with super rares that cost WAY too much to warrant (imo anyway). I sold my collection in 07, it came out to like 300lbs and like 10 4" binders of rares lol.


If I had a friend or a place to go where I could just peacefully play out the strategy of the game without having to invest a gross amount of money I would in a second.


That almost makes sense that he does art for them though. He has more then enough talent for it. It almost seems up his ally too no?

It must be very gratifying.

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HA I just caught this!!! Man i did a ton of cards for magic. That and D&D were my first big break. I must have well over 100 cards out there by now. Some of that stuff goes back like 12 years.


The sad thing is I rarely have time to do the gaming art these days. But I loved doing that stuff, and got to travel the world because of it, and met some amazing people along the way.


I was actually a magic player way before I did art for the game. And played D&D as a youth. In fact I wrote a paper in 4th grade that said I wanted to do the art for D&D when i grew up. Years later I got to illustrate the Beholder in the Monster Manual, which if you play D&D you know ifs one of the most iconic creatures in the game. Sooo fun!


I am still great friends with many of the other artists. Couple of theem live right down the street from me.


Thanks for noticing MAdness!

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Thanks guys! I was in almost every magic set from 1996 to 2006. My highlight was doing all the packaging for the Time Spiral set. Box art, blister packs, magazine ads, etc. Serra Avenger prolly being my most popular card ever, but I was lucky enough to get a few really popular ones.


The last few years I've only had time for like one or two cards a year, if that.


I wish I had more time for it, the loyalty and awesomeness of the magic players is second to none!

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