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Datsun 620 Headlight issue


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I've been having issues with my low beam headlights on my 74 620. They don't want to work most of the time. I thought it was something in the fuse box because it was slightly melted on the headlight fuse. I swapped out the fuse box and it still does the same thing. High beams always work. If I go from high beams to low, the low beams won't work or take a couple seconds to come on. Some times they come on dim and eventually brighten up. I just drove my truck on a 600 mile trip mostly at night with my low beams on. Now I can barely get them to come on at all. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem can be? Do you think the dimmer switch can be causing all of this? The last dimmer switch that went out on me would stay on high no matter where the switch was at. Now going from high beam to low, the lights just go out.

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I think I figured it out. Its was something to do with the ground wire and the connections to the headlight relay. The ground wire wasn't even on so I attached it. I was having a humming noise in the radio but I think its gone now. I was wiggling the wires on the relay and the lights would go dim and out. I pulled the wire off and pinched it with my hand and put it back on. It seems fine. Thanks for the help.

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