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What's your Nissan family look like???

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I just realized that we're Nissan nerds.

This is my brother's S14, my 521, and Frontier, and my girlfriend's 200sx SE-R.

That'd be a total of 2 L-series motors (one being built), 1 KA, and 2 SR's (one turbo'd of course!)

Let's just say that there are no shortage of extra 10mm nuts and bolts laying around!:D









Let's see yours!

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Well at one point everyone in my family had a Nissan. I had a '06 Sentra 1.8S, my brother had his '90 s13, and my parents had their '00 Altima. Now it's a little different we do have some cool cars in the stable. My parent's still have their '00 Altima, now my brother has a '94 Q45 and of course I have the '71 s30.

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oh, yeah--- RIP Nissan family too....

brother's 2nd (or fourth, i forget) S13- fully built, then upside down.... start over!


S13 (same motor is currently in his S14)





my old hardbody- first truck!! got it in highschool with 90k miles, and drove it to 315,000 !! sold it to a mexican dude who is still driving it! First love...:rolleyes:



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ive got 3 in the family


2 are mine;



my pulsar, first car, currently crashed, will bring it back eventually, never ever going to die



my 510 :D i bought it when i had the idea of a track car and a daily... but then i discovered toyota :( so on the backburner but will get going after pulsar is going i think


last one is a U12 pintara, my brother owns it. cant find any pics, its a Ti kitted as a TRX, comfy and quite a bit faster than i expected

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Ben, your bro's car looks familiar... is he on 240sx.org?


I have 9... or 10... can't remember. Would love to get my whole fleet together in one place for a pic. Maybe someday before I die. :o

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1. '85 720


2 & 3. '64 L320 and '64 NL320


4. dads '72 510


5. dads other '72 510


6. if this counts, dads '91? pualsr gti-r clip


7 & 8. dads '65 1500 fairladys (far one is sold)


9. ~75% complete dads '71 scarab 240z

10. dads '93 infiniti J30

11. does this count?, brothers nissan powered(ca18det) ae86


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well this is th datsun i have now...


77 kingcab, L20b, 5 speed (factory automatic), AC




and this is the first datsun i had back in high school...


74 standard short, buick 4.1L v6, th200c, s10 rearend. never finished it though. i ended up parting out and sending the rest to the crusher.





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Datsun family...lets see....My 720, uncle's 510 (RIP x2) and 620 (ex mini-truck), aunt's 620 (RIP), cousin's 720, other uncle 720 (RIP), another cousins 720 (x2), I know someone has got a Quest, and I think thats it. So for the record, thats...


5 720's

2 620's

2 510's

1 Quest

10 Total

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My dads car - 1971 FJ20ET 4 door P510




My old lady's P510 1968 stocker deluxe




My 1973 P610 FJ20ET coupe




My brothers wagon L18 with webbers




My Brothers car before he gave up on the project




My brothers S14




I've also got a shitbox nissan u13 bluebird but not something I want to post a picture of.


Also have another sr20det 510, again not picture worthy.

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i may be the biggest nissan nerd around. these are all mine, and now all running,the altima just got a new motor. i am trying to make my wife drive it since she drives a buick now. it just doesn't sit right with me cruisen the family around in that regal. she cannot drive a stick for shit thou, so the buick still lives. theere is another altima hiding behind them, and i have had 3 240sx in the past. just relized i had a coupe, hatch then vert. all s13.


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