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510 Rally suspension ready for Canby, pt.2!


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I ditched the other thread, think I put up too many pictures!:D Anyway, I'm so excited I could just about poop my pants! Had the car in the garage for 2 months tearing her down getting things ready. Been cursing the brakes for the last 2 weeks since the rear kept wanting to leak and the damn master cylinder kept not wanting to provide pressure.


Finally got everything taken care of and drove her around the block without an exhaust. Got a nasty look from a guy taking his 3 year old daughter for a bike ride, but oh well. I'm going down tomorrow morning to have Joe weld the muffler back on. (Had to cut to get the tranny out as seen in the other thread.)


With 500 pound springs she stinkbugs pretty well, but with the added weight of a roll cage and skidplates plus a co-driver and myself, I figure it should be just about right. Plus the springs and new rubbers haven't settled yet either. Definitely stiffer, holy crap! Even with only 150 pound springs in front, it's a noticeable difference. Of course, I did find my original 510 strut was bent by about a 1/4 inch. Not the tube, the actual rod of the absorber. Niiiiice!


So yeah, I'm registered for the autocross on Friday, still scrambling to get all the rest of the things taken care of, but it's looking promising for driving down and not having issues so far!
















If I get time, I may even paint the back the same orange as the front, but still have tie rods and other things, so it may not happen.

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