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Looking for new A/c hoses!!!!


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If you have a sample hose they are really easy to get made. Our local NAPA can make them while we wait.


It can be done even if you dont have a sample, but requires lots of trial and error to get the correct fittings, hose lengths, and bends.

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I m still having a huge problem fixing this.

What happened is , the guy that had the truck before me replaced the a/c parts with different condensor and reciever /drier parts that are supposed to be on a 83'. So I ened up ordering the correct parts . Now I have the correct ones and the hoses that are in there do not have the correct fittings on there to connect to my new parts.

I have called every parts store around town and I have search the internet and nobody has the hoses for an 83' anymore.

I wish someone could help me out some how!

If anyone out there has some old fittings laying around from an 83 please get back to me.


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