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new guy from tennessee....slammed 620 owner

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hey everyone..new to the forum,new to datsuns..but loved long time

i finally got a chance to pick up a datsun 620 recently and am loving it..

i started off by slamming the shit out of it..and wheels..i was wondering if there are any datsun heads in the knoxville tenn.area..i see a couple of datsun around,just wondering if there on here..also is there any close shows,or meets anyone knows about?

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hey man im in southern ky, towns called someset you may have heard of it, you should come to our car show it is the 4th saturday of every month, its pretty sweet, its called the somernites cruise, we could rep ratsun!!!, as far as meets/shows there is one in atlanta and thats all i know of, but anyways i want to see pics of your truck, i just bought a 620 myself, peace


ps. its good to have a ratsun friend close, i thought i was all alone out here lol

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i have now filled it out,sorry...i still can't post pics :(

i have put my avatar pic,and put the first pics i have in a album,

i just got done slamming it...ripped the exhaust right off today...sits way to low,but it will do for now..

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hey man,thanks for posting that for me...well there she is..it was rattle canned like that when i got her..bad job too..body is really straight,no real crashed up panels..no real rust issues..front end is almost perfect..i am however missing a tailgate..so if anyone close has one lmk..

not a bad trade for a 97 hyundai that i got for free...

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I thought I recognized the truck! I went to look at it a while back be decided not to get it because my cab was a little better shape. Cool, that truck is super low! Done any work to the torsion bars yet? Figured the exhaust would get ripped off, it was almost pinched off when I looked at it. Glad you found the site!

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well the car show is in somerset ky, on the 4th saturday of every month, its usually a pretty good turn out but as far as datsuns or any other ratsun members i will be the only one, we need to get some east coast guys like you and me, ezcruiser, and whoever else, to meet up every so often, i dont know about you but im not really up to driving to canby! lol


where do you guys meet at...i will drive up and check it out...
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Another slammed 620........!! Looking good i like the 1st gen. Pathfinder rims. I had those on my HB back in the day. Do you have a color in mind or gonna rock the primer ?


yeah i have some plans for the truck..new rear end,i have decided not to bag it..

going to try and go with a coilover system fabbed in..i was thinking of doing like a deep black/maroon color..maybe deep black/watermelon...not sure yet..

i will pulling it in the shop and starting the body work next week..i'll start there..

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