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Seattle to Portland - Canby drive 2009


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Saturday morning June 13th


Meet at 9:00am - Tacoma park and ride by McDonalds.

512 and I-5 junction


Leave at 9:30


Arrive around 12:00 noon ?


Similar to last year but just a little earlier arrival. Sounds good? :cool:



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I am planning to go down, sadly Datsunless but still want to go. My roadster is still stuck with the issue of the thermostat housing and water leak, which I will try to find tomorrow. My truck just has not wanted to run in quite a while, had couple of folks look at at, tried lots of things, replaced parts, still won't run, suspect the webber not working properly.


I will get one or both done somehow by the NW Historics!!!!!


So, park and ride at 512 and I 5, do you know what exit to take off I 5? I am bringing parts and lots of Datsun books to sell. See you all there, Tana

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I'll probaby head down earlier this year. you northies like your beauty sleep.

What happens there before noon on Saturday? That place was dead last time I was there early.


...besides the fact that a lot of the Puget Sound people didn't want to meet up to early in the morning and many of them were very late to our group drive in 2007. I think this time is still early enough and allows for my beauty sleep. :cool:

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Guest DatsuNoob

Pumpkn210 says his offer for a ride down and back in the motorhome still stands if anyone wants to take off with us on Friday night. Just putting that out there again in case someone is without transpo. Getting excited! Cant wait for my 1st Canby show! :D

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