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its finally here!(awd sr20det content inside)

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i finally got a chance to see the pulsar gti-r front clip my dad got recently. its going in his 510 project that we have been working on for a while. he bought it over a year and a half ago so it has been a long wait. he has already started stripping some of it down but was taking it up to our shop to really get started on it.




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Looks like it has some after market parts on it


im not sure how close the real numbers are but flashoptions claimed 450hp out of it. it has a td06 20g turbo, forged pistons, bigger injectors, ported, fmic, cams, blow off valve, turbo timer, and cant remember what kind of management system it has. i know im forgeting some stuff and cant remeber what all head work has been done.

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oh, that project! cool and you are in the dry sh!##ies? Cool! I am from lower yak. valley orig.

yep, lol. my dad grew up in yakima too.


Looks like it had in intercooler. I wonder what happened to it. 450 to the wheels and it was awd? Wow!


the intercooler is at my dads house along with all of the bodywork that was on it. it was complete along with dash until my dad got started on pulling it apart.


I have always wondered about FLASHoption I was going to get a honda swap from them but never actually did.


How was dealing with them?


the only complaint about them was that it took way longer to get here than what was mentioned by them. he ordered it a year and a half ago but it did sit in customs here for about 6 months which was beyond their control.


hopefully we will be able to get a lot of work done this summer but will have to squeeze it in between all of the racing. though i think we have about a month break after going to canada this weekend.

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