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2.0 supercharged ecotec engine swap


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I would like to get your guys opinion on swapping a 2006 cobalt ss 2.0 supercharged motor into a 71 datsun 510 2 dr that i have. Im just in the thinking stages but I really like this motor and would def. be unique. I would like to hear your thoughts/opinions on this, here's what im thinking so far:


1 - 2.0 ecotec motor s/c with stage 2 GM kit, 240hp 205ft lbs

2 - 5 spd transmission from a GXP solstice (which im told works)

3 - bell housing, motor mounts, transmission mounts from mantra performance which makes parts for the 2.0 ecotec to run longitudinaly

4 - 3.42 rear-end from the solstice

5 - suspension wise still working out, but would like to run a 16X8 tire in the rear, fender cutting for sure

6 - brakes still working out

7 - steering still working out



I know this may not seem practical to you guys but assuming one would have the skills, $$, time, to do this and wanted to, whats your take?

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I haven't seen the solstice rear end, nor know anything about it, but I feel pretty confident in saying that you're better off sticking with a datsun/nissan longnose differential. The diff in a 510 is structural so using anything else is going to take a decent amount of fab work, not to mention totally custom drive shafts. That said, limited slip diffs are getting hard to acquire...does the solstice come with one?

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Not sure why you'd want to swap all those different things when there's plenty of Nissan sourced stuff that either bolts on or takes minimal work to swap in. Plus all the Nissan swaps have been figured out, taking 95% of the hard part out. You'd end up doing a ton of work, for almost no gain with an ecotec swap.


I'd still stick with the Nissan stuff.

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F GM. F them right in their stupid ears. I'd rather see a Dodge 440 mid mounted through the firewall than a GM four cylinder, and I still hate V8s. (Good thing I don't have an opinion, huh?)


Why not an L20B turbo? Ten times cheaper to build, original L series, and would spank the pants off that stupid Ecotech. And then it's still Datsun.

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The thing i like about the ecotec is this:


1 - good power across powerband

2 - engineered by GM at the factory, it was built to perform and run boost, so i wouldnt have to spend months putting together a turbo'ed kit and motor

3 - superchargers are cool

4 - its small and lightweight

5 - reliable

6 - fairly cheap

7 - Its just different, i am by no means a GM hardcore fan but i do think this motor is top notch, they are getting 1000hp out of them with some stock parts, not bad for 2.0.


I was also looking at the 2.0 turbo motor from the GXP solstice, 260hp 260 ft lbs , but very hard to find

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3.42 sounds pretty high gearing. Are you planning on doing highway races 100-180mph?


A 3.7 to 3.9 should be fine and much faster for normal street driving



there is a 3.91 option which might be better. What do you think would work if i went with a nissan rear-end?

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if you do go through with this, why not just pull the motor and trans from a Solstice/Sky? You wouldn't need the motor mount conversion parts at that point, i wouldn't think.

I thought the Solstice/Sky had the same ecotec motor.


I'm not sure if there are any differences between the non-gxp and gxp transmisions

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What were you thinking? I guess im looking for a package from the factory that will produce north of 220hp.


for the cost and/or time/effort of all that you can easily go with a KA, SR, or VG all of which are plenty able to make that




go for it if you want to do it, just saying theres less complex ways to get there.

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I raced a solstice/sky once. I have a 510 wagon with a ka24de in it. Guy could not pull on me, we were neck and neck and I was actually pulling from him in 3rd gear. He gave me the thumbs up, then when he pulled up to the next stop light his car stalled and would not start back up. All the cars had to go around him. KA power, yay!

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im pretty sure the ecotech is a just a honda motor that gm has been buying for a couple years.


damn you guys sure are hard on gm motors. have any of you driven a turbo solstice? that friggin thing felt faster then my tt z i had a couple years ago.

and regarding reliability all motors have variables. my friggin l20b bent a valve 3 weeks after i got the thing. (may have been my falt (rev happy))

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I don't think we are neccesarily hard on GM motors, but we just don't see the benefit of using the ecotec motor.


The SR20 will make more power than that by just adjusting the boost, AND you can get drop in mounting kits for it. My buddies 510 has an SR20 and it's stupid fast. Heck, even I have a VG30 510 and the torque is awesome. If I wanted ungodly power I'd use a turbo VG30. As far as the brakes go, the 280ZX fronts bolt on with the struts, and people make brackets for the rear discs. Stock steering works just fine.


Superchargers are cool, but there's also a reason almost no one puts one in a 510.


Plus when you go to tune things, with the ecotec you'll be on your own. With a Nissan unit there's TONS of people on here and the bluebird list who can help.

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Anything is doable. I hear what a everyone seems to be saying. Sure, a Nissan would be easier. I think an Ecotec would be cool because it's different. This series of engine is nothing to get excited about in pedestrian form but there are sport options (GXP) that are impressive. I've seen the articles where they make 700HP and up without doing a thing to the bottom end. IF you can afford it, I say build it and make the haters cry. Personally, I would walk past a big turbo SR or KA to have a closer look at an Ecotec. Just my opinion.

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Why don't you swap an ecotec into a chevette? :) the newer engien is both turboed and direct injeciton. I don't know if the supercharged one was di or not. If it was, I don't know what you would do for fuel management, as the stock fuel management probably is only unlockable with the electronic key. Is this right?

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The R160 in the 510 won't be strong enough.

There are ways to install an R180 with very little trouble, or with a little more trouble the R200 can go in. It can take upwards of 350ft lbs of torque.


R200 comes in 3.54, 3.7, 3.9, and 4.11 (4.11 is harder to find)


3.7 or 3.9 for power in the 200's. Over 300whp and you might want a 3.54

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I'm all for doing something different, and love seeing the different ways that people modify their cars.........but there's a point at which someone does something different is just for the sake of it, and not because it it improves the car. This is the problem.


Take for example the guy with the Johny Neutron paint, sure it was different, but it also sucked. Even though he put a shit-ton of work into that car, the end result was a car with an ugly interior, ugly paint, and a car that no one on this forum would want to be seen in.


I'm just sayin'......why bother with 7 times the amount of work and headache, when you could accomplish the same end result with Nissan stuff. I'd hate to see the car end up like soo many as a forgotten pile stuffed in a garage and left to die because A) the amount of work needed was simply too much, and B) it's hacked so bad now it can never be of any use.


Also, the R160 lsd is good for at least 300hp, they don't have the pin that snaps off in the open diffs. So even here, there's no need to spend all that time swapping to a Solstice diff.

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epic failure, why would you disrespect the car company so bad to put a chevy motor and not even a s.b. in such a beautiful car?


yea. an if your gonna go through mall that work. just be happy with the cobalt it came in an drive that.

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i am retarded
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