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Deer Killer to Deer Squisher 4x4 build.


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Well, you all know the story by now how I hit a deer on the way to canby last year. It can happen to anyone. Fortunately enough thanks to fellow ratsuneers in hood river I had a place to hang out until my ride came to pick me up. As soon as I got home i started tearing the rest of the front end off and had it rebuilt by monday afternoon before I had to go to work. 24 hours of work all together. I pondered the idea for a while and eventually decided I wanted to put some more lift on my KC. Then some one told me about a 1980 4x4 Datsun. I picked it up for 200 bucks back in april and have been slowly stripping it down over the last month and a half.

Until today that is. I finally got the cab off today. The motor runs great and don't smoke at all. But I do have a few things to tend to today before I decide if i'm gonna put deerkiller on it tomorrow. The motor mounts first of all, passenger side don't even have a nut holding it on the mount. Drivers side doesn't even line up to the lock hole. Once I cut the front clip off the cab, I noticed that the motor was leaning too far to the passengers side.

So I have to fix that issue. The tranny I noticed when I pulled the shifter over to first, didn't come all the way over like it usually does. Well, since the motor is offset, so is the tranny. the bolt on the drivers side on the tranny to the mount to the crossmember is loose, so its sitting crooked. And as well, I only have two studs holding in the transer case on the passengers side.

I have to replace all the fuel hoses hooked up to the fuel lines on the gas tank, then I am going to get a steam cleaner and wash that motor and tranny down good. So I got a lot on my plate for today.

Question is, can I get the KC off the 2 wheel drive frame and on the 4x4 frame and have it all done by tomorrow night? I have to work sunday, and since the datrod is broke down, I have no other vehicle to drive. We'll see what happens.

I didn't want to post a build thread until I had it done completely. And I didn't get any pics of tearing down the 720 today, but I will post pics tonight, or sunday morning if I start this today.


Soz for this being so long. A few more things to add.

Hears what I got extra that I don't need...

A rear sliding window.

Drivers and passengers doors.

Extra cab windows both sides.

The box, decent shape, tailgate is hard to open.

Upper Valance

gage cluster

wiring harness, once I get the ac and heater units out which will be a while.

will also have the plugs for the starter and alternator.

And a few other odds and ends.

Seatbelts, brown and tan in color.


passenger fender is beat up, might be savlageable.

same with lower valance.

front clip and core support are wasted.

windshield was slightly cracked but I doubt i professional installer woulda put it in. it got cracked more:D

floor boards were rusted out.

Interior panels are shot for the most part.

and other various good or not so good parts


Too everyone i was suppose to or am suppose to send parts to, I apolagize for the delays, work has been hectic, and its hard for me to get shit done when I sleep in till noon and have to be to work by 3 pm and work until 3 in the morning during the week. And my last 6 weekends, i've been working on someone elses truck which has been eating up all my time. Needless to say i'm gonna be booked for the whole summer.

if anyone thats going to canby wants any of the good parts or bad parts let me know, cuz i'm going fer sure. Might not be in my datsun, but i'll be there.

if anyone close by sees this post and don't have anything going on today I could use the help to get this done this weekend.

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