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Just bought my 2nd 620

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So I just bought my 2nd 620, my first one is a 78 KC, but my new one is a 73 reg cab. Its got the 1.6 and an automatic. Truck is in awesome shape outside, no rust at all. The interior is a little rough, dash pad and bench seat. I am the third owner of the truck and the people I bought it off of bought it for the son for his first vehicle but he didn't want it. Truck only reads 81,xxx and I'm told that it has not been rolled over. The truck even has the under-dash A/C unit.


I was told that the truck needed a new carb. and a starter relay to run. I got it home and robbed the starter relay off of my 78 and the truck turned over(the starter bendix isn't kicking out all the time, so I'm gonna swap the one from my KC over too it). I got the truck running after a little carb cleaner but its still not right. I already ordered a rebuild kit for it. It shifts good and stops decent so I'm just waiting on the carb kit so I can drive it.


Pics. below




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Nice looking truck! Now slam it, add disks to the front and get some original hubcaps. You sir will then be pimping.:lol:


I wouldn't mind putting disks on the front, but have no idea where to start on something like that. Info??????????

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Buy em all!!! Well only if you can afford it :D Still has the correct rims & an original mirror. Int. pix please/i wanna see the A/C setup.


I love these trucks and am still amazed at the shape that this one is in. The interior is a little rough, dash pad cracked, seat needs recovered, and the headliner is no good. I will try to get you pics of the a/c unit, I was told that it works, but we will see(the belts not on the compressor).


I'm gonna change up the rims(go with something a little bigger and lower it)

And the glass is missing from the outside mirror:(


Oh, and just in case anybody is curious. This little gem only set me back $500

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