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75 Datsun b210 for sale

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I have a nice little b210 i am selling, runs(after you install a fuel pump), needs gas down the carb to run now.... Other wise has no rust and a little damage to the pass qtr... Its a great little car just ugly as all hell,:lol:, some cracks in the seat but otherwise the interior is great and complete, 80k original miles....















What it could be....:lol:rotflmao!!!:lol:



I am asking 500.00, but DEFINATLY NOT set on that price, i want a good home for it thats kinda what i am looking for, no its not free though!

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for fucks sake i want a 510 real bad but 250 for that...


if only it was a stick! That isnt really that ugly.


I think the car is cute and unique, but its just not my thing.lol... I want my 510 back, but i also want one that is in much better shape than mine was in...Savin up to get that finished 510,lol...!

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Your skip skip all the hard work, and put a Ratsing Sun sticker on it and call it good.



I dig it :D Im just broke :(


Id throw some "fuck you" lights on the front and make it a rally b210

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Tell you what. If you drive it down to me I'll buy it and pay for you plane ticket back to Oregon!


I hope you're joking!





You're killin' me Joe! That damage isn't bad at all!!:(

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