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Going over to the dark side

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I just wanted to take the time to say hello to everyone. I sold my AE86 and picked up a Datsun 510. I bought her on memorial day for 550 dollars. she needs alot of work but thats okay. From what ive been reading it seems that she came with a NAPZ 20 engine, interior is tagged up, susupension was shot and in pieces, rust here and there, no title, and me with no experience with these cars what so ever. I got alot on my plate I look forward to talking to you all.


lol here she is try to hold your laughs everyone:













oh ya if anyone here recognizes this car maybe you could fill me in on the wire job that was started and the fiberglass on the floor board. the person who sold it to me said the former owner was a retired fireman somewhere here in california.

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thanks bonvo that make alot of sense but i got to get pics up of the fiberglass i dont think it was done very well, so i dont know how secure it will be. then again if its held up this long maybe i should leave it alone. I live in pasadena by the way. oh ya hitman heres where you can find my old 86: http://forums.club4ag.com/zerothread?id=49322 i miss her but you guys are right this 510 will be a much better project and now im SMOG EXEMPT too.



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You made the right choice Rudy! I love the Yota, but even in it's 'state' the cool factor of the 510 is unquestionable!


And as to experience, I'm 37 and had NO car experience before getting my 521 2 years ago, and now I have an engine on a stand, trans in the corner, clutch on the stairs and am loving it! They are so simple even I can mess with them! It is like when I was building plastic models as a kid, but on a bigger scale!


Course it helps if you have a second daily for the downtime. Is this your only car?

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