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Fiero radiator for a 521?


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HI. This has been talked about before as I did a SEARCH, but nobody has said for sure that they have mounted one in a 521. Couple of people said they were going to. My question is have this people that were " going to " Done it yet and what was the mods needed to make it happen. Thank you.

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The Fiero radiator works exceedingly well in the 510. I've been using it for 8 years now. There's also at least 3 others here in AZ using one.


So, if the 521 uses the same rad as the 510, I'd be all over it. Also, the factory rads are aluminum core with plastic tanks, that's what I have been using for the 8 years. Most aftermarket ones are all copper/brass, although I have seen one aftermarket one made from all aluminum.

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Sorry, I don't know about the fiero radiator, but when I first started working on my 521, I ordered this one:




I had read about the VW radiator swap in the DQ ( http://dimequarterly.tierranet.com/articles/tech_rabbitrad.html ), and decided I would try it but I'd use an aluminum "VW" radiator. Then I decided I wanted to run an electric fan as a puller:rolleyes: This meant I had to do a bunch of sheet metal work to move the rad farther forward to clear the water pump.


That's too much to expain here, but I think this rad (or any vw one) could work without too much trouble if you just do the swap as explained in the DQ article. I think the trickiest part is getting the lower hose past the alternator. Of course, be warned that anything other than a direct stock replacement will take quite a bit more time (and probably money) to do it right.


Sounds like the fiero rad might be the way to go. I'd be interested in how the lower hose clears the alternator pulley. The plastic/aluminum radiators seem to last just as long as any, but I kind of like the all aluminum radiators. If you can get an aluminum version of the fiero, that seems like one more reason to check it out though.



btw - I should have bought this one:




It doesn't have a filler neck, and the inlet and outlet are both the correct size.

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I have been using the Fiero radiator in both my 510 and 620 for years without any problems. I even run both coolong systems "open"... In other words the cooling systems do not pressurize and even in 100+ temps, it cools great. I run it as an "open" system by using the radiator cap that has a rubber gasket that seals to the radiator neck and I remove the rest of the inside of the radiator cap (spring, inner seal, etc.). I use an over flow bottle and as it heat and cools it just moved coolant back and foreth between the radiator and the bottle. I set it up this way so it does not put addition stress (Pressurizing/relaxing) on all the cooling system components... Been doing this for years. Hope this info helps.

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I've been loosing coolant in my wagon lately, and I'm thinking it might be my radiator. I might have to get a fiero radiator.


A quick google search came up with these. Anyone have any thoughts on where to get a good quality fiero radiator? These seem pretty inexpensive for all aluminum.





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Those are both good prices for an all aluminum radiator.


Be warned though, sometimes you have to til the rad back a couple degrees so the cap will clear the hood brace, or notch the bracing. Not an issue at all, but just an FYI. Otherwise it's perfect.

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I think im gonna order this one for my 620. 29 dollars shipping to hawaii, not bad. All aluminum for under 175 shipped.


Bought the radiator tonight, Not sure If ill install it before I do the Ka swap. Ill keep you all informed.

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Ford Focus radiator $99 right now.

$133 for the all aluminum Fiero radiator is really good though...


quality seems so/so...I havnt actually installed it yet. I test fit it in the 620. The bumper mounts need to be notched a bit for it to fit under the core support. I can take pictures, but im like most and say ill take some tomarrow, and well that never happens. The fiero radiator will work tho. just tweak the bumper mounters and make some mounts for the radiator...


on a side note i was thinking about cutting the core support some and sinking in further towards the grill. The headlight adjuster screws get in the way. So alittle to wide.

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