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Oil Squirters


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Have heard of them being used in the KA motor, the DE I believe. It's purpose is to spray oil up onto the bottom of the pistons to cool them. Cooler pistons reduce cylinder temps and prevent pre ignition. Cooler pistons are less likely to scuff the cylinder walls from thermal expansion. This is perfect for boosted motors and begs the question... was the DE ever intended as a turbo motor?


Well on the way home from a short work day I snapped a few shots of these elusive critters.


As seen from the cylinder bottoms. Squirters are metal tubes that pipe oil from the gallery and direct it upwards at piston. I assume KAs are similar. There has to be room for rod and crank throws and the piston may be clearanced as well. BTW this is an RB20 block and I will ask if the pistons are around for a shot of them too. Squirters will likely gobble up a lot of oil so a hi volume pump is in order.




Here's what the piston sees looking down the bore.



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Legend has it that the KA24DE has oil squirters. I dont' know if just the car ones do, or the truck ones do too. Would make you think that it would be a good idea to turbo one huh? It certainly can't hurt. I guess most modern turbo engines have squirters.

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