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Pinstriping (picture request)

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I've noticed a few guys in the truck forum that have or wanted some stripes laid down on their dashes, hoods, what have you. And with the name "ratsun" I figured this forum should have some of the lost art.


So post up some picture of pinstriping, weather it be your whole dash or a swirl at the end of an accent line. As long as its done by hand with a brush I would love to see it. And maybe we can make a few connections around the states and/or world on who is doing it and where someone can go to get some done.




I'll see if i can dig some of my work up.



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Here is my guitar, striped by Ken Mitchroney. He worked for Ed Roth at the time.




Here is a purse I made my wife, striped by my Scuz Club co member Tom Cat.




I did this to my car.



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Good thread! Old news to most of y'all, but here is my first attempt at pinstriping a 520 dash.








Don't know if you can tell, but the eyeball is actually 3D! I made it out of a little brass bell that came out of a 1940's toaster.


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Hey Brad,


Good to see You on Ratsun!! I am hoping that You will attend the Bar-B-Que in August...... http://www.sowestdatsunpickups.com


Anyway, nice work there!! I didn't know any "Ratsuners" were doing pinstriping!! Cool.


Naturally this history goes WAY far back, with Von Dutch being one of the pioneers even before Ed Roth. There is an EXCELLENT book on the subject available. I don't have it here at the house but I can post later the title and author. It has it all, history, bios, etc. I bought it (in Arizona) at Hastings so it should be available in Your area. It is a "coffee table" type of book.

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Damn! You guys blew all of my work out of the water. I still need to get some pictures up here.


Fisch: Im still in awe that that was your first time doing it. By the way my geek buddy has about half of your work in his D&D books :thumbup:


I know Denveratsun has some work on his hood and tailgate that his grandfather did. Ill see if he can post up the pictures.

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Fisch: Im still in awe that that was your first time doing it. By the way my geek buddy has about half of your work in his D&D books :thumbup:


Nice! One of the few that know my secret Datsun life!!

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Everytime I watch Overhauling and they get to the pinstriping of the cars I always wonder how a professional pinstriping would looking on a two toned 510.


We can't let the American and Euro car guys have all the fun.

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