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My sisters car

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Here is the car I got for my little sister. She just turned 16, should be getting her license soon. Its a 97 escort that runs like a top. It needed new breaks, so I did a complete break job front and rear. Gave it a thorough tune up, threw a decent stereo in it, and cleaned it all up. The final part was the wheels, got them off CL for a hundred bucks. I think they look great.
















Its the only escort with those wheels I've seen :)

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my sister had one of those cars. I hope that yours takes better care of it than mine did. The electric fan went out on my sisters car and she didn't bother to tell anybody that she was having trouble till the car left her stuck on the side of the road. We had it towed to the house and she was like,"its been getting hot and dieing but it has been restarting, and I have been having to give it gas to get it started:eek:" Needless to say that when we tried to start it, it made the tell tale no compression sound and was blowing exaust into the radiator. Long story short, my sister is a retard who is really good at tearing up perfectly good cars.

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Don't let her overheat it. They like to drop valve seats when they get hot. Pretty destructive. You'll know when it happens. My machinist actually fixed the head for my buddies car. I thought it was garbage. He said he sees it all the time. Your sister's car looks good. Hope they treat each other well.

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Yeah, it sure beats my first car i got in 96. It was a 81 stang with the straight six, and an exhaust leak that vented up through the shift boot, so you had to roll the windows down at a stop light or die. When I brother turned 16 two years ago i gave him his first car too, this little truck I built. It was bone stock when I got it.













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