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BSA- Aluminum car from 1934

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Here is a fun one!


Daaaamn this is cool! I've never seen one and didn't realize BSA had ever made cars, I thought it was all bikes.


Aluminum body. This would make one hell of a hotrod! If only I could find something like this in the US that was Japanese. The hump back reminds me of my dream '58-'60 Datsun.


Link to the sellers site:











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Did not know they made cars either, but when I was 8 my dad bought be a BSA bike to ride. Course it was way too big and we moved the next year but took it with us. When I was ten it was tome to two wheel and I got it out and learned that summer. I had that bike till I was 16 or so. Had 3 speeds with a twist grip shift... no one in my town had that, they were all coaster brake bikes. Man that thing was fast! My dad asked me if I knew what BSA stood for... he said 'Bloody Sore Ass!'. My mom freaked on him for swearing in the house. :lol:

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My dad asked me if I knew what BSA stood for... he said 'Bloody Sore Ass!'. My mom freaked on him for swearing in the house. :lol:




That there is some funny stuff!


Several of the old bike maker journeyed into small autos around that same time. I suppose that someone with more time than I have could do a full search.

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My dad found it and bought it in '57 because it reminded him of 'back home'. I heard he paid $20 for it, a phenominal amount back then and mom was not amused as we lived by farming and did not have a lot of spare change.


I could beat anybody in my school with it as it had 3 speeds. Low gear would leave them in the dust as they would make wobbly starts in high gear. :D:D It would also roll faster than them if we raced down hill while coasting from a stop with no peddeling allowed. It was British Racing Green in color and had the three rifles crest on the front. The big sprocket had BSA cast into it too. I think it was for Birmingham Small Armes.


I wonder if they used Austin engines in them?

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