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Bumper repair


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Post a pic of it. I have a process that may work that you can do.


This is the only pic I have right now. The center part needs to come out and arc. Right now the center sits under the grille.




You live in Compton and there are tons of places were you can take it to go fix. But it will cost the same for a new non oem one...


Is there one you recomend? The bumper I have is OEM (I bought it new, but had a minor fender bender a while back). I really don't care about the chrome since I will be paiting it after I alter it..... need room for the intercooler:D

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I personally never have taken my bumpers to get re-chromed since buying a new one will cost less if you have connections. The only place I have seen chrome being worked on will be:


Chrome nickle plating @ 2800 E Martin Luther King Jr Lynwood, CA 90262.

I have seen them work on old Chevy parts. So I guess they might be good?


Btw: My connections for new parts has been terminated.


If you really need some new parts. Befriend a body shop guy. I have an address where you can get new parts off Bandiny from the 710. But you need to have some sort of license to buy parts of them...

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You're in Compton, so try Faith Plating [don't have access to a phone book right now or I'd give you the address and phone number]. I have used their services and they are very good. They have dies for almost all bumpers so the repairs are perfect.

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If you have access to a press you can put a small 2x4 where the damage is then press down on the wood. It should help get the shape back a bit. Ive even seen guys use a lead hammer [same ones used to attach knock offs on wire wheels] & hit it from behind.

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