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Gas guage/temp guage not working

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I have a '77 B210 I am trying to get on the road. However, I am having a couple of electrical issues.


First, the fuel and temp guages are not working.


Second, I have no signal lights or parking lights.


If someone can give me a place to start to troubleshoot these issues I would greatly appreciate it. I have the dash apart with the instrument cluster out. I could really use a good wiring diagram too! Anyone know where I can get one online?


Thanks in advance for any help!



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I don't know the 210's well but in the 521 if your temp and fuel gauges don't work it is often a little regulator on the back of the gauge pod. If a 210 has one, nissanparts.cc might carry it if you have a part #.


THe signal lights also didn't work on my 521 when I bought it after it had sat for 10 years. The signal lever contacts just needed to be hit with sandpaper. Visually it looked fine, but sand paper brought it back to life.


Good luck! And welcome, we like pics here!!!!

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Thanks for the info. It does have the relay on the back on the panel, I will have to see if there is a part number on it so I can get a new one. I think the signal light problem is with the switch, I left it on when I took a break and when I returned, they are working.


Still having issues with the parking lights. They work fine if the headlights are on, but if I just try to put on the parking lights, they don't work. I guess I can just make sure that I only use the headlights! Other than that, I am almost ready to get it on the road. I will post some photos when I can give it a bath!

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OK, I got the relay out for the temp and fuel guage. It has a part number on it, but the local nissan dealer says it is not a nissan part number. The number on the relay appears like this:






According to the nissan dealer, there is only supposed to be 10 numbers.


I tried to put the number into nissanparts.cc with no success.


Anyone got a better part number for this relay? I would be willing to give try a part number for the same relay off of another model Datusn, hey, they can't be that different, and if they are, I guess I will see what happens!



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Parking lights work the switch numerous times to rub and clean the contacts. If they work with the lights on then it's in the headlight switch. Just keep turning them on/off.


Do the same with the 4 way flasher. Turn signals are connected through the 4 way in the off position. If no go ,swap the 4 way and the turn signal flasher and see if the problem moves to the 4 way. If so the flasher is bad.

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Is there a # that starts with a 24866-xxxxx on it?

Can you post a pic of it?

Sentras were real common to have this problem but I can't remember 210's having it.


I need to get back into a Nissan store

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It's a voltage regulator actually, that you want. It makes and breaks contact to keep the voltage around 7-8 volts for both gauges to share. This is to prevent the gauges from reading high when there is little load on the alternator and it's charging at 14.5 volts or reading low when idling with headlights on.

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Here are a couple of photos.


One question I have is where does it get the power from? it has 3 wires on it, one goes to the temp gauge, one to the fuel gauge and the other to the speedometer.


I am very seriously considering just putting in an external gauge. Any suggestions with that?? I wal looking at sunpro, they have some nice ones http://www.sunpro.com/product_category.php?id=277 Anyone try that? Anyhow, here are a couple of pics of the relay and the back of the instrument panel


001 (small).jpg


002 (small).jpg

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I think you are looking in the wrong place.

* A bad instrument panel ground can cause all those problems. the panel is grounded by screwing to the dash

* The fuse may be out. ALWAYS check the fuses first. Check it with a voltmeter to be sure (even if it looks fine) that it is good.

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