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Weld Racing 16.5" x 8" rims (4)

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Got some rims for sale. I picked them up for my 521 not realizing that no one (as far as i know) makes a low profile tire to fit 16.5" rims. Like the title says they are 16.5" x 8". They are fairly clean. One of them has some piting that you can see up close, but for the most part they are clean. Bolt pattern is 6 on 5.5. So it will fill chevy and some others im sure.


Note: since the economy is pretty much in the craper and im a huge fan of the barter system....i am very much open to trades....though if someone wants to buy thats fine. For trades it needs to be local or fairly local please. Anyhow...take a look at the pics and toss me an offer if you're interested.







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