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WTB, some rims decent-rad quality

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Hey guys, so Im in the market for some rims. I HATE buying things like this brand new, because when I/some one accidentally curbs them or they start to get worn. I always feel really shitty. Any how here is what Im looking for style-wise, and what Im looking to spend.


I have 280zx front struts and brakes up so for fitment on front and rear (correct me if Im wrong) Im looking for

14x(6-8) +12-20 4x114.3

this is what I deducted by looking at the rim and tire faq, and reading what other fellows have been running. Im open to 15's but I think 14's look the most natural on a 510.


big fan of the te37 style volk rim, and the work equip pictured below.

work%20equip%2001.jpg equip 01


price range is ~1100. Been watching craigslist, zilvia, ratsun, realm for rims just never see anything pop up. any how if you have something similar in style or just something unique within the request let me know.


oh and Id prefer local. Unless shipping isn't a killer.




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